My favorite time to read is during the wee hours of the morning before daylight. My surroundings are minimal at best – a comfortable loveseat, a beautiful palm floor lamp with just the right amount of light, and my laptop computer. There is only silence and my sleeping baby Schnauzer, Rindy.

I have always preferred to read and/or write at night. When I was old enough to have a separate bedroom from my sister, about 8 or 9 years old, I would pull the covers to my bed over my head and read underneath them using a flashlight. I didn’t always get away with it because once my father caught me reading instead of sleeping, he began making it a habit to check my room again before he went to bed.

As I got up into my teens, I continued to read late at night when I could get away with it. For many years, I continued to read very late at night and up into the wee hours of the morning – sometimes not going to sleep until almost daylight.

When I started my medical transcription career there were many nights that I worked through until daylight. I am a very productive and “busy” person at night. The habit has stayed with me through the years and I continue to relish the opportunity every night to do some reading or writing when everything is “quiet as a church mouse.”

I have recently had some setbacks with my website and am working on getting those straightened out. Getting up and running is truly a great challenge for me as I have not made much progress. I have many thoughts and ideas for my blog and I hope that you will enjoy my postings.