What Does Your Desk Say About Your Personality?

What your desk says about your personalityIf at home or at the office, we all work from a desk of some kind.  While there are many different sizes and shapes of desks, what does your desk say about your personality?   Do you have a messy desk or do you have a tidy desk?

This article is about what a messy desk and a tidy desk could mean about your personality.   When a person looks at your desk, there are one of two things a person will immediately notice about your desk and your personality:

  • Neat Desk
  • Messy Desk
 What it Means if Your Desk is Neat

I have always heard that a neat desk is a sign of an organized  individual.  But, it could mean that currently there is no work going on, or that the person using the desk has completed their work for the day.

Kathleen Vohs, Ph.D, scientist and professor from the University of Minnesota, gathered together approximately 48 participants and performed a study regarding neat and messy desks.  She found that 34 percent of participants with a clean desk had a greater likelihood of making healthier food choices.

Daniel J. Levitin, cognitive psychologist, wrote the book The Organized Mind.  In his book, he explores how we organize our minds and lives in the  age of social media.  Levitin indicates that many of us experience mental benefits from performing organizational tasks.

He goes on to say that the act of “organizing” or “reorganizing” our desks could mean that we are stressed.  Neurologically, this activity helps us to explore new connections to the things that clutter our minds and geographical spaces.

He goes on to say that the mind-wandering mode allows us to re-categorize the relationship of those objects to one another, which may spark creativity.  Furthermore, just the act or organizing our spaces has the power to make us more productive.

What it Means if Your Desk is Messy

As we have seen, there are pros and cons of both a tidy and a messy desk.  If your desk tends to be messier than tidy, this could be a sign of disorganization.  But, a new research study from the University of Minnesota has found an unlikely result – that messiness encourages creativity.

It was also found that the environment can influence whether we keep a tidy or messy desk.  Keeping a messy area could mean more creativity.  Persons who work in cluttered spaces tend to come up with better solutions and can be extremely creative individuals.

Neuro-scientific research has recently found that creative minded individuals have an area in the brain that tends to foster the imagination.  Thus, resulting in the fact that messiness could encourage creativity.  I am a neat desk person, but I am not creative.  So, it would seem that the results of this research could have some validity to it.