What To Do If You Are Having a Bad Day

We all have a bad day every now and then.  Do you find yourself wondering if anything will go right before the end of your day.  I have experienced this on many occasions and have some ideas for you regarding what to do if you are having a bad day. 


Take Time Out to Regroup

When things continue to go wrong during the day, most of the time it is coincidental.  Some of us believe all different kinds of things, like maybe someone is trying to sabotage our success.  I used to believe that coworkers were silently trying to create problems for me when in actuality there was none of this going on at all.

If you are at work, and time allows, try to sit back in a quiet area and think about why things are happening the way they are.  Pick apart the processes you are using to complete tasks and try to identify  any areas where you might be cutting corners.  It is possible that you may be running along on “auto-pilot” and do not realize that you may have left out a step.

When attempting to complete projects small or large, at home or at work, always be mindful of completing them with your best quality work.  No project or task is worth starting and putting the time into if you are not going to produce good quality project results.  Bad quality or no quality at all is a total waste of your time.

Stay Positive and Move Forward

Sometimes, we sabotage ourselves with negative thoughts about our ability to perform well at work or in social situations.  These negative thoughts are usually self-manifested and are strong emotions that could potentially affect our confidence and create uncertainties.

Human nature craves challenges.  This is the method by which we learn our strengths and weaknesses.  Challenges keep life interesting and exciting.  But, sometimes we hold back for fear of failure and this can stagnate our ability and energy to move forward and try again.

Once we take that step into the unknown and are successful with it, we begin to generate positive thinking and motivation to take us to the next level.  Positivity and confidence allow us to move forward.  This generates a sense of well-being and purpose.

Give Yourself a Treat at the End of the Day

This is my favorite part of having a ‘bad day’.  Yes, I do have a favorite thing about bad days and that is to treat myself.  Now, I know what you may be thinking, “Why would I want to treat myself after bad things have happened all day?”  Well, there is a lesson here, and I learned this by experiencing it.

Today’s society is a rat race and a fast-paced world.  Too many of us do not take time out to enjoy the small things in life because we are so busy with jobs, family, taking care of our home, childcare, etc.  Not to say that these things are not small things and that we shouldn’t pay attention to them.  What I’m talking about is that once in a while craving for an ice cream cone, or a long bubble bath with candles all around the room.

Also, if your budget allows, you could treat yourself with that “wished for” purse or pair of shoes.  I am guilty of this one, but I use it sparingly because I am not a materialistic person.  In addition, I do not need the additional “stuff” that ultimately collects when you buy material things.  Anyway, you get the picture, huh?

Learn the Lessons From Your Bad Days

It may sound confusing to say, but there are good things about having bad days.  Yes, I know what you are thinking and I really don’t wish to have bad days in my life.  But, the fact is that we are all going to have bad days in our life and we need to pay attention to the lessons that these ‘bad days’ can teach us.

For one, we identify a possible weakness in the process of our daily life.  Once that weakness is identified, we have the opportunity to make improvements to that weakness.  After some practice, it is no longer a weakness.  ‘Bad days’ are not always our fault – a coworker could have embarrassed us, a conversation could have gone wrong, or we could have spent too much money on that dip for the kid’s birthday party (if you live on a budget, which you should be anyway).

Even though these ‘bad day’ occurrences are sometimes very trivial or small, there are times that ‘bad day’ experiences can be huge or monumental, thus creating feelings of “uneasy emotions.”  So, at the end of the day, I personally like to treat myself to a glass of wine when I have had a ‘bad day.’

I have found that anything that relaxes you and eases your tensions from the day is an excellent treat not only for the mind, but also our bodies.  Treating ourselves with methods of relaxation can help our body rejuvenate and unwind in preparation for the next day.  Healthy living is a major treat in and of itself.