Journaling – Yes or No!?

For many years –  too many years – I always said to myself, “What is the point in journaling” or “I don’t have time to write in a journal” or “What do you write about in a journal anyway – huh?”

Life sometimes brings with it things that you don’t understand and you find yourself asking the question – “Why is this happening to me anyway?” or another question, “Well, okay – what exactly do I write about?”

The great thing about these questions is – there is no “one” standard, single answer – because everyone’s answer is going to be different from the next person’s answer and – that my friend, is what makes each one of us unique and different.

Experiences in life usually occur through what we are “exposed to” in our everyday life or how we “respond to” those exposures – also unique to each individual.  So, write what you feel comfortable writing about in your journal.  “What have you heard about journaling – or even blogging – that makes you want to do it?

I use writing in my journal as, well – okay, “therapy or purging” of my brain from all the day’s experiences.  This allows me to visually go into – retrospective mode – takes over and allows me to reflect on those choices and results of those choices made throughout the day.

Journaling is where you will find the answers to many of the questions you may have about your future and once you identify “those questions” – introspective mode – takes over and you’re able to focus on a clearer solution.  “Are you a proactive individual or a passive individual” – well, your future could depend on it, right?” 


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