To Do’s & I Love You’s – –

I could not have found a better picture of what my mind is feeling like right now – the dreaded blank page!!  Do you find yourself sometimes just staring at a blank piece of paper and just don’t know what to write down first – Yeah, well–

That is me — “I’m guilty as charged!”  It’s funny – I used to write everything down on a piece of paper titled “To Do List” and these lists would end up looking like I was writing a short essay for college – Wow – really bad, huh?

I sometimes wrote down some of the craziest stuff – like “sort my sock drawer” or “buy Crazy Glue to fix the coffee cup handle” or even something like “dust, sweep, mop, and do all the laundry – today?!”  Yeah, I know, stupid list – like I’m really going to get all of this done in one day – yeah right!  This is a HUGE ‘”CHORE”‘ LIST, – something I am not a fan of.

So, one day, I decided to stop writing any kind of list – even a grocery list.  If I even tried to start a list, I would get this overwhelming feeling of dread and doom – like if I don’t get everything done on this list, I’ll be reminded every day of what I failed to complete on my “so called list.”

Wow, now that is a way to really put some added stress on top of your life – just think about it -“Is this what we really want in life or is it more important to take the time – of which you would otherwise be writing your lists – and spend it with your family and friends?”  Lists go on forever — our loved ones don’t!!

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