Extremely Healthy Ways To Be Happy In Your Life

Have you every wondered what makes a person happy – why they have that “glow” about themselves?  Do you believe they have something so special in their life that you cannot have in your own?  Happiness in your life is easier to obtain than you would think.  I have a few good suggestions for extremely healthy ways to be happy in your life.

Being Grateful

This is a very important  piece of the puzzle in having the ability to live happily.  I see too many individuals who do not believe that they are blessed with just what they have.  Too many people worry about what the next person has and how they can be just like them.

A grateful attitude is crucial to happiness.  Thank your loved one for the small things like doing the dishes or cooking you dinner.  Be thankful that you have the necessities of life, love, and family.

Express your gratitude to people in your life, etc. the bagger at the grocery store for wheeling your groceries to your car, or maybe a person who allows you to go ahead of them in a long line.


We have to accept other people for who they are and not what they have.  Each person’s situation is different, thus, it is senseless to compare ourselves with others.  You are only going to be happy with the choices that you make for yourself and not what someone else wants or does.

When you really try and understand another person you will probably see a totally different point of view from yours.  In many cases, this allows you to better understand their side of the story.

Also, it is very important to express your feelings, affections, friendship and passion to people around you and most of the time they will reciprocate those same feelings.  Also, let go of all resentments.

Stressful News

This is one that is so prevalent in today’s society and it is all around us.  This kind of news can be good or it can be bad.  But, we have to learn how to put it into perspective.  There are many things in life that we cannot control – cuts in Medicare, downsizing our position at work, our vehicle breaking down, etc.

The whole nation is worried about the future of the economy and our retirement.  So many college graduates are saddled with enormous student loan debt.  Many individuals are paying on 30-year mortgages at high interest rates and others are paying on 5-year loans on vehicles.

Another scary side of the stressful news is that of the violence going on all over the world.  Also, the immigration issues that we as individuals have no control over.  Furthermore, the terrorist attacks of late happening all over the world.

We have to sort out what issues we as individuals have control over and concentrate on those things.  If we try to conquer the world, we are only asking for severely high blood pressure levels and risks of heart attacks.

Connect Religiously

This is so crucial in helping with feelings of helplessness, loneliness, and uncertainty.  This is a great outlet and coming together of like-minded people that you can talk to and spend time with.

Involvement in a religious group can include singing, sacraments, chanting, prayer, and meditation to foster inner peace.  Some religious organizations put aside a day of the week for a night out bowling or getting together for a potluck dinner, or even a group picnic.

This type of environment can help build new friendships, which could turn out to be lifetime relationships.

Time Management

This is something that a lot of people have trouble with.  In order to get anything accomplished, you have to manage your time wisely.

Making lists of rules that involve scheduling, setting goals, planning, and creating lists of things to do are all necessary in order to prioritize and get things done.   These core skills need to be developed in order to be efficient with your time management.

Once core skills are developed then the fine tuning of those points of each basic core will give you the skills that can give you the extra reserve to achieve the results you desire.

Laugh Everyday

This is very important.  You know the old saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.”  This is really true.  Laughter can release the tendons and muscles in the jaw and face which may become tense and painful.

Just listening to someone tell a joke or a funny story can make you laugh.  Also, one thing I have learned to do is laugh at myself.  When you can laugh at yourself you tend to allow yourself some leeway.  This is not near as stressful as being so hard on yourself.

If you can make fun of yourself when you do something stupid, this is good for the heart and soul.

Working Hard

For many individuals, working hard brings great satisfaction.  It gives you a feeling of self-worth.  You feel like you belong or fit somewhere in this world we live in.

The feeling of accomplishment is empowering and makes you want to work more.  For many, accomplishments give us a sense of value.

Additionally, we feel worthy when we work on things that are important to us.

Forever Learning

This is one of my most favorite things to do.  For most people, it is a positive adventure.  The annals of medicine say that lifelong learning can be attributed to preventing Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, etc.

Also, learning just one thing a day exercises the brain and mind.  Constantly exercising the brain allows the neurons and electrical impulses to stretch and move.

This can challenge the brain to expand and broaden, thus allowing us to explore new opportunities.

In addition, I have found that completing educational goals can also boost one’s sense of accomplishment and feelings of worthiness.

Staying Active

Most people have some kind of daily activity or exercise routine.  This can be a 15-minute run on the treadmill or a 15-minute walk around the neighborhood.

There is never a need to go to a gym.  You can rake leaves, sweep the driveway, or vacuum the house.  You can even take the dog for a walk.  This is all considered legitimate exercise.

Staying active flexes the muscles and tendons.  It also gets the heart pumping and the blood flowing throughout the body.  This is excellent for getting the juices going and flushing our body of toxins.


As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, there are several ways that we can be happy and content in our lives without having to spend money or cause risks to our health.

Performing several of these exercises a day can greatly increase our feelings of well-being.  We will also feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose at the end of the day.

Changing your mindset to align with the tips noted above can really help you identify any weak areas in your life that you may feel you need to change and also enhance other areas of your life in the meantime.


Is A Woman’s Career A Relationship Deal Breaker?

Is A Woman's Career A Relationship Deal Breaker?Today, women out perform and out earn their male counterparts in many careers.  But, when it comes to a woman’s personal life, Is a woman’s career a relationship deal breaker?

As women evolve, some men see their female counterparts as reliable and capable equals.

But, can the same be said with regard to a woman’s career and her personal relationship choices?   

There are too many variables on this subject to put into a single blog post.  Today’s post focuses on those who have completed college and are in, or just starting out in, a lucrative career.

This target population may, or may not, have the following:

  • A family (husband, wife, children)
  • A significant amount of debt (credit cards)
  • A permanent residence (home purchase)
  • An expensive hobby (gambling)

Immediately I see difficulty with the ability to determine (for someone else) whether a woman’s lucrative career could become an issue in her future relationship choices.

This topic is extremely personal and should be determined on a one-on-one basis.

Matters of Sustenance (Needs)

It should start with where you are in your life and what your basic needs will be into the future.  If a woman is thriving in her career, her needs will be taken care of automatically.  This makes it unnecessary for a man to provide her sustenance.

Of course, there are those who do try to take advantage of the situation.  But, those who are genuine and enter into the relationship for all the right reasons, will discuss the financial ramifications and its affects.

In addition, a discussion should be undertaken regarding the expectations from either party involved in the relationship.

Getting things out in the open in the beginning regarding who will buy food, utilities, and entertainment will dispel any misunderstandings in the future.

Matters of Materialism (Tangibles)

Not everyone believes a woman should pay for all the materialistic items in a relationship if she makes more money than the man.  But, I do believe if a woman makes a comfortable living that she should pay for her materialistic needs.

This is also a difficult issue to sort out because it is purely based on personal preference and expectations that should be expressed at the beginning of the relationship.

As we all know, there are some men who inherently wish to “lavish” women with such things as jewelry, clothes, etc., but these men are few and far between.

You might ask – if a woman is materialistic resulting from her lucrative career – Is a woman’s career a relationship deal breaker?

Matters of the Heart (Love)

Of course this does not equate to the psychological needs of a male-female relationship or the enjoyment of each other for which God created us.

Whether male or female, we all enjoy the friendship and companionship of the opposite sex.

Love is a feeling that is unique to each person and cannot be explained in exactly the same way by any two people.  There is no measure of one’s love for another and “true love” cannot be bought.

Therefore, no matter how much money a woman makes, she could never buy “true” eternal love.  The same goes for men.

Although there are many who have mistaken “money for love,” this is just a fleeting fantasy that usually ends badly.  For centuries, men and women have both mistaken money for love.

Matters of Emotion (Feelings)

It has been said that women are so much more emotional than men – but, I tend to believe that men and women are both emotional.  The only difference is that women show it outwardly and men internalize them.

Just because a woman might make more money than her partner does not mean that she feels any less love for her partner and vice versa.  Now, there are those who believe that love can be bought, but this is usually 99% false.

True feelings and intentions usually cannot stay hidden for extended periods of time.  It just becomes too much work and too hard to continue covering up false intentions and false expectations.

Matters of the Soul (Spirit)

Men have just as much spirit as women do regardless of how much money either one makes.  Spirit comes from within and is fostered by both good and bad things.

Negativism and condemnation can squash a spirit like stepping on an ant while walking through the park.

Spirit can also be boosted.  Our spirit is usually built on the ideals and philosophies that we are exposed to as we are growing into adults.

We begin to form certain beliefs and customs in our life that we believe are for the good and that will make us happy.

Sometimes, that spirit is contagious.  Others cannot help but see that we have a way of spreading happiness.

We may have a unique way of making a person feel good about something that they said or did.  This builds confidence and a sense of self worth.

So, this begs the question – does a woman brings more soul to a relationship if she has a lucrative career, or Is a woman’s career a relationship deal breaker?

Matters of the Mind (Power)

Throughout time, men and women have fought for power among the sexes and there is nothing stopping it today.  But, there are people in the world who will exploit a person.

Brainwashing a person into believing that they would be a better person if they would share their excesses (money, etc.) is one way of exploiting a person who has money or physical possessions worth any money.

Matters of the mind usually take quite a bit of time to work, and this can be for good or bad reasons.  But, when it comes to women and them having money, this is the #1 thing that most people exploit others for.

Matters of the Body (Physical)

Another form of exploitation is through physical power and strength over another individual.  Physical power over another is not a good thing in any way as far as I am concerned.

The physical trauma that a woman endures from anyone who is able to overcome her physically can be very debilitating and traumatic.

This is one of the worst things that can happen to a woman because we are (usually) the weaker sex and cannot defend ourselves.

Matters of Perceived Power

There is also “perceived power” that a person places over another whether male or female.

If the female makes the larger portion of the relationship income, she may be perceived to have more power.  This “perceived power” is taught from the early beginnings of society.

Even though it varies from generation to generation, there are still conflicting views.

This is a very divided subject as both men and women chose to agree to disagree.  This includes issues regarding money and the value it ranks each at in the relationship.  But, this is also an individual choice.

Matters of the Bible (Spiritual)

Spiritual teachings vary in the Bible and many different interpretations exist in today’s society.  But, there are still conflicting views.

Translations from the teachings of the Bible are quite different and can go in many different directions (which is why I will only touch lightly on this subject).

But, the underlying current still flows through (spiritually) the Bible that women (no matter their financial position) are inferior to man in any relationship.

This, too, should be based on a solid understanding of what is expected and what it optional going into the relationship.

This begs the question as to whether a lucrative career should afford a woman more power in a relationship – or Is a woman’s career a relationship deal breaker?