Don’t you just hate it when someone asks you – “Where are you headed in your life?”  You pause for a moment and then ask yourself, “Where is my  life headed?”  Do we really know where we are going on this journey that we all call “life?” 

Think about these two questions for a moment – read each question separately and really think about all the possible answers that you can come up with.  As you read each one to yourself, couldn’t they each have a completely different answer?  Well, yeah — like what?

When you ask “where are you headed in life?” – to me, this could mean something like – “Just where am I going?”  In other words, the way the question is written would imply that I am just going through life with absolutely – no specific compass and no idea just where I will end up.  Oh, okay, I see now!

Now, the second question, “Where is my life headed?” – to me, this could mean something like – I’ve charted my life’s path and know exactly what my goal is.  The word – charted – means I have made concrete plans, i.e. – college education, getting married, starting a family, or even starting a home business.

There are many steps along the way to becoming happily successful and there is no real – right or wrong way – just that you go forward each day toward honing a passion, a hobby, a trade, or a creation that you wish to share with the world.  This is what gives us purpose – the feeling of “fitting into the society of life,” and being happy doing it.  Isn’t that what it is all about – doing something in life that makes us “really happy!”