Welcome to Writing Right for Lefties

I am Christine and I like to journal my day-to-day struggles, frustrations, triumphs. This has helped me in my personal and professional life by allowing me to document the thought process for how I have overcome each challenge. I encourage others to learn the art of journaling and documenting your life obstacles and your success for overcoming each. Your journal will become a source of comfort in future days of your life.

When I journal I like to focus on issues near and dear to me. I hope that through my journal that you draw inspiration, hope and strategies to overcome some of the issues that I have dealt with and/or deal with presently. These issues include growing with ADHD, social awkwardness, always feeling like the underdog, finding courage to learn to do something new, etc…

Whether you are looking for encouragement dealing with professional life struggles, time management, working from home, working multiple jobs simultaneously, attending school full-time or other challenges it is my sincere hope that my site provides a temporary respite and a source of comfort in your life–Just knowing your aren’t alone.

journalingLet’s come together to help each other overcome stumbling blocks and gain the ability to move forward in their personal and professional life even if it takes baby steps. This isn’t just my site. I have put this together to connect with others who have similar experiences. I hope and encourage you to leave comments and share your thoughts and feelings when reading my various articles.

For me, writing is a very good way to sort out many things that happen in our life that we may not otherwise be able to compartmentalize.  Sometimes analyzing how we feel about something or someone and what may or may not have happened allows us to think more clearly – thus, allowing self-criticism to teach us how to become a better person.

My writings on this blog and other blogs catalog the changes that occur in this journey we call “life” that, at times, seems unfair, unforgiving, and just plain difficult and can really test our faith.  Our exposure and reactions to life events can either help us or hurt us depending on which direction we chose to take our life.  At some point in our lives, we all have “that window of opportunity” that teaches us how our choices in life can affect our future.

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