Hello” and “Welcome” to the Lefties Writing Right Blog!!!

I am very excited to be entering the world of Blogging!  Many people have asked me why I want to start a blog and everyone has their own personal reason for wanting to jump into blogging.  For me, I love writing and keeping a daily journal – of course, I don’t write in it every single thing that happened during the day, but things that are meaningful to me.

For me, writing is a very good way to sort out many things that happen in our life that we may not otherwise be able to compartmentalize.  Sometimes analyzing how we feel about something or someone and what may or may not have happened allows us to think more clearly – thus, allowing self-criticism to teach us how to become a better person.

My writings on this blog and other blogs catalog the changes that occur in this journey we call “life” that, at times, seems unfair, unforgiving, and just plain difficult and can really test our faith.  Our exposure and reactions to life events can either help us or hurt us depending on which direction we chose to take our life.  At some point in our lives, we all have “that window of opportunity” that teaches us how our choices in life can affect our future.